Dry Cleaning

Fancy fabrics require special treatments, but with your busy schedule, you don’t have the time for another errand to drop off, and then remember to pick up your dry cleaning.

We’re here to help!

When you sign up for Dry Cleaner Valet’s pickup and delivery service, you can leave your clothes in one of our garment bags on your selected pickup day. We will pick up your dry cleaning (and any other laundry you might have included) and take it to our commercial dry cleaning facility, where trained professionals clean each garment. We then return it right to your door.

No extra errands. No rushing to get to the Dry Cleaner before they close. Just clean clothes delivered right to your door.  How convenient is that?


I just want to say thank you so much for helping to make tasks like these much more convenient. I have very long days and having someone come to me to help me make my life easier goes a very long way with me, I also am very happy with the quality of service and the special attention you pay to ensuring my cashmeres and wools are folded an not hung. Careful attention and quality of service are hard to find these days, especially along with the low prices you charge.
Karen Johnson