Handling Items without Care Labels

Have you ever wondered how drycleaners process items that do not have a care label? Most cleaners receive items without care labels regularly. When a customer checks in an item without a label, whether it is a comforter, a pair of twill pants, or an evening gown, the first thing we test for is colorfastness. This is done by testing a small sample, usually where the results will not be visible. The test is performed by folding a piece of
blotter paper over the area that has been dampened with cleaning solution or rubbing the surface with a towel that has been dampened with cleaning solution. These tests help determine the best method of care with regard to color.

The next step involves testing any trim attached to the item. This includes testing the coating on the trim in addition to the trim itself. Testing the coating involves rubbing a sample of the trim with a towel that has been dampened with drycleaning solvent or a water/detergent solution. After testing the coating, the trim is then immersed in solvent or a water/detergent solution. If there is more than one type of trim, each type will need to be tested.